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Our Reward Campaign

To participate in our Pic Your Dish Reward Campaign, click the following link and fill in the form, it takes less than a minute.

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Take a look at these incredible photos sent in by our amazing followers! Dive into this visual feast and get inspired by their culinary adventures!

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Photo guidelines

Find natural light

If possible, set up the food on a table with indirect, natural light. Natural lighting can make food look fresh and appetising! 

Angles are everything

It’s up to you if you’d like to shoot your dishes top-down or at a 45-degree angle. Top-down angles are better for plates of food or bowls, so that the customer can clearly see the ingredients or items; 45-degree angles (shot from the side) are better for burgers, sandwiches or taller items. Lastly, avoid close up shots, zoom out to get the full plate and some background.

Get it while it’s hot

Food that’s been sitting around can start looking limp and lifeless after just a few minutes. Once food is served, take a photo of it as quickly as possible.

Add your flair

Your style is part of what makes your photo special. Try to capture the essence of the dish by using a variety of surfaces, plates, glassware, napkins and cutlery. However, remember the food is still the focus.

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1. Centre Your Dish: Make sure the main dish is cantered in the photo. Decorations like cutlery are fine, but try not to include other dishes unless they're part of what you're showcasing.

2. New Dishes Only: Only submit photos for dishes that aren’t already pictured in our app. Check existing photos to ensure there’s no credit on the bottom right corner – that means we need a new photo for that dish.

3. Photo Selection: Increase your chances of being selected by submitting multiple photos of the same dish. Only photos that are selected will be used in our app.

4. Increase Your Entries: Every different dish photo that gets selected counts as one entry. More approved photos mean more chances to win!

5. Unique Photos for Selection: We’ll choose the best photo if you submit several of the same dish. Each unique dish that gets selected is counted once for the contest.

6. Photo Rights and Credits: By submitting your photo, you confirm that you are the original photographer and grant us an unlimited, non-revocable license to use the photo in our app and for other marketing purposes. Selected photos will include your Instagram handle for credit, replacing our current uncredited images.

7. Email Marketing Consent: By participating, you also allow us to use your email to send you updates and marketing material related to our services. This helps us keep you informed about new opportunities and offers.

If you have any questions regarding this Campaign, please fill in the contact for in our Home Page.

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